Lovely Day Facial Spray (Love)

Lovely Day Facial Spray (Love)

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Being a Mom is all the feels. These delightful facial sprays are the self-care every new parent needs to get through it all...the good, the bad, and everything in -- between. Have a lovely day, Mama! 

Sanity (Antioxidant Boost): Packed with powerful antioxidants like pro-vitamin A and B5 that help fight against the ravages of time and stress, this vegan and gluten-free spray is perfect for those moments when caring for a tiny human is a bit overwhelming and exhausting. 

- For overwhelmed & exhausted Mama's 
- Unscented

- To use: Hold 6in from face & spray away! Count to 5. Resume normal parenting activity. 

Love (Fresh Rose): Love is the subtle scent of fresh rose…and every single second being filled with the greatest love you could ever imagine. Love is being a mom. 

- For overjoyed and exhilarated parents 
- Natural, fresh rose scent 
- To use: Hold 6in from face & spray away! Inhale this moment. Carry on!